Container Handing

EN BOX 25 is a new patent by Italcarrelli for the loading/unloading of box glass from a closed container.

The arm is hydraulically extensible and can rotate by 90° to the right or to the left.

On the arm, equipment is positioned, which in its turn is assembled on a 180° rotating support.

Moreover, it is equipped with infrared cameras allowing visibility to the operator during the maneuvers inside the container.

Such cameras are available on the display inside the driving cabin.

This equipment allows clamping boxes of different sizes, which are locked to the same by means of 2 small extensible or retractable supports according to the box thickness.

The rotating support allows loading and unloading the plates loaded on the left or right side of the container.

Moreover, it is possible to pick up and store the boxes in the warehouse.

Finally, the height of the arm is adjustable in order to allow operation inside the container without need of positioning it on the ground.