Side-loaders of the series EN 4L are machines for transporting the single glass packs within the factory.

These machines have independent, PLC-controlled wheels; therefore, they can move in all directions.

Versions with loading capacity ranging from 3 to 15 tons are available, which can transport all glass sizes, from DLF or LES plates (about 3300 mm long) to jumbo plates (6000 mm of length and beyond).

They are equipped with an innovative pack clamping system by means of telescopic forks, which ease glass loading/unloading operations; moreover, thanks to optical and ultrasound sensors, it is possible to perform the alignment and adjustment of the forks according to the number of packs to be transported automatically.

Thanks to this system, even the splitting operations (splitting of a single pack) are remarkably easier.

Driving positions can be of “standing” type with platform positioned on the upper part of the forklift to offer greater visibility to the operator, or of the “seated” type with cabin positioned on the means chassis.

Control panels consist of a multifunction joystick and a touch screen to allow a simple and fast setting of the forklift.

Optional devices are also available such as video cameras, hydraulic fork positioning devices, suction cups for the clamping of the single sheets and adjustable height driving cabin to perform the loading of the glass inside trucks, without need of removing the canopy.