Special Equipements

Italcarrelli designs and produces also equipment for the handling of sheets under special conditions.
For example, we produce hydraulic equipment able to pick up the glass, loose or packed, only by the sides and to rotate it by 90°.
This operation is very important for packed glass since the picking up by the side is much faster than with traditional side-loader.
However, this operation is important also for loose glass, since the rotation of glass packs by 90° allows bringing the pack to the correct position also when the glass is picked up from a jumbo glass stacker.
Moreover, Italcarrelli keeps developing innovative means that are then applied in several glass industry fields among which the production of laminated and solar glass.
These production lines require the glass to be stored on special racks; therefore, we developed special side-loaders able to transport them and load them onto the lines in a simple and fast way assuring maximum safety thanks to the great view and maneuverability offered by these means to the operator under any condition.