Multi-directional side-loaders are forklift trucks able of moving in any direction. Italcarrelli has specialized in the production of side-loaders of large capacity for special applications such as metallurgy and the handling of coils.

The ability to change direction without having to rotate the load allows these forklift trucks to move quickly and easily in narrow spaces.
After having inserted the forks under the material to be transported, it is possible to retract the mast within the chassis of the fork lift truck, thus reducing the overall dimensions of the machine during the transportation of the goods.

 They are available with load capacities ranging from 5 to 50 tons and battery powered versions or versions equipped with diesel and LPG engines.
These machines are equipped with multi-function joystick that allows the operator a more simple and comfortable use. Also available are a wide range of special equipment to meet all needs and sensors to automate driving and handling of the material.